Early Childhood Educator
25. maj 1987

Om kandidat

Happy and passionate early childhood educator in the morning, ambitious and positive President in the evening. After spending the past years in Denmark, New York and Switzerland collecting knowledge and experiences, I decided to go back to school, well prepared to answer all the questions that kids might ask about the world. Activist on Human Rights and Climate Crises. At the moment, I am studying Special Education.



Development and International Relations (MSc Programme) 09/01/2017

Some of the researches I have done during my studies at the Aalborg University, and subjects I am passionate about include: Environmental Governance in the Arctic-A case study of Norwegian stakeholders’ engagement in environmental governance. Sustainable Development Goal 4 in Greenland- Developing and Empowering society through education.

Early Childhood Education Science 10/01/2005


Early Childhood Educator 1. september 2020 - 31. maj 2021

• Developing and implementing curriculums and educational workshops. • Assessing children during learning activities. • Assessing children with special needs.

Fundraiser 1. oktober 2019 - 31. januar 2020

•Researching and developing knowledge to create accurate humanitarian responses. •Developing Civil Society Organization's capacity-building projects according to donor’s guidelines (e.g.CISU) and resources e.g. use of LFA analysis. •Actively participating in event planning and board meetings. •Updating the fund database.

Adviser 1. september 2018 - 30. november 2018

-Following resolutions related to development (Environment, Health, Water, Education, Energy, Climate Change). -Following and reporting negotiations and side events. I improved my diplomacy communication skills to create and maintain a friendly relationship with diplomats and representatives. Further, I developed my performance in time efficiency, multitasking, and critical thinking.

Waitress 1. marts 2018 - 31. august 2018

Student Job Serve the guests and promote special products.

Project Development and Reporting Assistant 1. december 2016 - 30. juni 2017

•Working with Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) fund and Technical Assistant (TA) bids. •Monitoring and reporting ongoing projects on Civil Society Organization capacity-building e.g. outcomes, budgets and deadlines. •Implementing and assisting in projects e.g. trainings on project management, intercultural dialogue communication, finance, team building and sport management. •Stakeholders management e.g. disseminating information to ensure efficient project development. •Organizing and coordinating trips, visits and meetings according to the working agenda.

Secretary\ Administrative Assistant 1. oktober 2015 - 30. september 2016

-Resolving administrative problems and maintaining payroll operations by collecting, calculating, and entering data. -Being an effective team members and well collaborating with local authorities to meet customer business needs. As an administrative assistant, I developed my organisational skills and time efficiency. The manager recognized this and as a result, I got more responsibilities to contribute to the team. The company is located in Istanbul, Turkey.