Selma Suna

Team Manager
17. september 1987

Om kandidat



MSc in International Management 09/01/2017

ISCTE Business School | Lisboa, 2020 Academic focus: The MSC equips to apply critical thinking and provide solutions to management methods and business development in context of business related challenges. It also provides a great understanding of communication and differences in culture, negotiation and management styles globally. It gives the competences in theory and practice of how to manage and work in a global business environment. It integrates various disciplines in international business, consulting, and project management in specific industries. Whilst getting a great understanding of the global economy, governance, and effective performance. Lastly testing leadership skills in practice and consulting work in real cases, developing competencies on a personal level.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Professional Bachelor Programme) 06/01/2015

Academic focus: Business law, ideational thinking, and concepts. Customizing innovative solutions and strategies to existing companies, qualitative and quantitative market analysis, and the use of communication strategies and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Marketing Management (Academy Profession Programme) 07/01/2013

Academic focus: Adapting marketing strategies to culturally different segments. Identifying communication strategies across business sectors. Analytical evaluation in strategic business decisions, consumer behavior analysis, and business economics. Tactical and operational marketing and internationalization strategies.


Team Manager 1. marts 2021 - 31. oktober 2021

Ledelse, daglig drift, implementing af nye tiltag, kommunikation etc.

Assisting Project Manager 1. januar 2017 - 31. januar 2020

Qualitative and quantitative market analysis for Danish business opportunities including, market landscape insights by transforming relevant data and factors, leading to strategic business decisions. Assisting in Project-related administrative tasks such as organizing and creating actionable plans, ensuring client needs and budget, while also supporting the work of the management

Consultant Intern 1. januar 2019 - 31. december 2019

Team consulting for a project on future investment and business strategy, concerning IoT. Research and analysis ending in securing the best implementation plan and strategic investment decision on entering new markets. Successful planning leading the company to expand and increase its position in Asia.

Co-Founder 1. januar 2015 - 31. december 2017

(A response to a societal and economic challenge) Ideation of a Tech start-up, serving for brick and mortar survival by increasing physical foot traffic in stores through a double-sided system service platform for B2B and B2C segments. Tasks included design and evaluation of technology, the composition of the business model and strategic planning, identifying through analysis market segments, targeting, and positioning methods.

Business Developer Intern 1. januar 2015 - 31. januar 2015

The main tasks included identifying business opportunities and build relationships with clients in the Argentinian real estate market, primarily in Buenos Aires and its suburbs. Collaborating with partners in support of a marketing campaign, using various communication channels online to reach target groups, which resulted in a successful launch increasing client listings and sales for Mandal estates.