Warehouse worker
19. september 1997

Om kandidat



Ap degree diploma 01/01/2016

The programme emphasises on business to business sales and the core subjects are Marketing, Organisation & Management, Supply Chain Management, Economics, Scientific theory and Business Law.

High school 01/01/2012

The education was going through matematics, physics, chemistry, literature, foreign languages, and sports. Average grade 8,7 on 10 highest grade.


Warehouse worker 1. marts 2018 - 30. september 2018

Sorting products.

Marketingmedarbejder 1. december 2017 - 31. maj 2018

- organising and hosting presentations and customer visits - manage the day-to-day handling of all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram - develop, launch and manage new competitions and campaigns - research and evaluate the latest trends and techniques in order to find new and better ways of measuring social media activity - analyse competitor activity

Marketingchef (Markedsføringschef) 1. december 2013 - 31. juli 2016

1.Plan and execute a marketing strategy for the organisation and for new and existing products or services 2.Develop a brand strategy 3.Continually review changes to the market, consumer trends and the activities of competitors, adjusting the marketing plan if necessary 4.Manage and refine the organisation’s social media presence 5.Identify new business opportunities