Ida Katinka

Performer/Danser i perioden 2016-2020
5. marts 1988

Om kandidat



Dance Partnership 08/01/2018

The education in Dance Partnership is a two-year master's programme for professional practicing dancers and choreographers who wish to combine artistic and pedagogic practice with a view to develop and realise artistic projects in which the participants' physical, social and creatively established experiences are central. The Danish National School of Performing Arts educates dance practitioners, who are reflective and artistically well founded. During the two-year programme the student develops his or her own distinctive practice within a self-defined field of interest. The student’s practice-based inquiries are supported by a foundation in creative dance and pedagogy.

School For New Dance Development 08/01/2012

Choreography: -Concept Development -Choreography -Production and Organisation Dance: - Dance Technique/contempoary and classical - Movement research Theory: - Dance history - philosophy - dramaturgy - critical analysis - anatomy - video, sound, light design


Performer/Danser i perioden 2016-2020 1. januar 2016 - 31. januar 2020


Koreograf 1. januar 2016 - 31. januar 2019

udarbejdelse og opførelse af en række værker som foregik udendørs, hvor jeg inviteret forskellige dansere til at optræde eller lavede egne soloer

Gawenda - teater forening for børn og unge 1. januar 2017 - 31. januar 2018

Medarbejder og underviser

Underviser 1. januar 2010 - 31. januar 2012

Underviser børn og unge i dans og teater. Opsætter og udføre forestillinger med de i alt 100 medlemmer.