Agnieszka Angelika

English advisor, Proffesional English Teacher
9. januar 1983

Om kandidat



Master’s degree in English and Master’s degree in Cultural Encounters. 01/01/2008
Bachelor Education; teaching English, pedagogical preparation, translation 01/01/2004
Electrical and Control Engineering 01/01/2002
Opera singer 01/01/2001

Learning to sing the opera and playing the piano.


English advisor, Proffesional English Teacher 1. december 2017 - 1. januar 0001

Teaching business, engineer, finance as well as general English to adults. Applying a course material to the needs of the participants and course requirements. Achieving a specific goal of teaching within a specific amount of time.

Professional Teacher of English 1. september 2017 - 1. januar 0001

Result - oriented course activities. Teaching groups ranging from 2 to 14 participants. Creating a syllabus to encompass different levels in one class. Using creative teaching methods. Teaching English by using 'outside of the box' methods. Familiarising the students with the world of English speaking countries.

Stress specialist 1. januar 2012 - 31. januar 2016

To deeply understand what causes stress and how it can be dealt with in a very advanced state. To understand how body is influenced by stress. To master meditative, various relaxation and stress relieving techniques. Experiments were conducted on one patient.

Food lover 1. januar 2012 - 31. januar 2015

To learn how food influences the body. To specifically discover how certain ingredients, especially the artificial ones like preservatives, colourings, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals influence human's body. To be able to avoid an artificial bone surgery, the food and lifestyle was scrupulously investigated and the aim of avoiding the surgery was achieved.

Private lessons, English teacher 1. januar 1996 - 31. januar 2015

Creating individual lesson plans. Adjusting the methods to suit the needs of the students.

Transcriber 1. januar 2012 - 31. januar 2012

Independent transcriptions.

CALPIU Research Centre, Roskilde University 1. januar 2010 - 31. januar 2012

Transcribing interviews, lectures and human interaction. Responsibility for setting up equipment and recording sessions.

Apprenticeship as a teacher of English 1. januar 2006 - 31. januar 2007

Preparing lesson plans. Conducting the lessons as well as helping the students with contest preparations.

Teacher assistant/Apprenticeship as a teacher of English. 1. januar 2006 - 31. januar 2006

Cooperation with the teachers from the 10 Klassernes Egen Skole. Preparing lesson plans and conducting them.

Apprenticeship as a teacher of English 1. januar 2006 - 31. januar 2006

Preparing materials and teaching the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th graders. Self-evaluation.

Observation and participation as a teacher of English. 1. januar 2006 - 31. januar 2006

Observing, creating and actively participating in lessons. Comparing the system taught at the Beech Hill Community Primary School with the system met and observed in Poland.

Apprenticeship as a teacher of English 1. januar 2005 - 31. januar 2006

Creating materials and lesson plans to use them in a classroom as well as outdoors. Creating a complete syllabus. Teaching and solving various issues connected with teaching and learning challenges as well as developing methods for students to learn more efficiently.

Singer 1. januar 1999 - 31. januar 2005

Writing music and writing lyrics. Singing on stage and recording albums. Rock, experimental, jazz, alternative.