Service Staff in Cocktail bar \u0026 Eatery – Torvehallerne KBH


  • Udsendt dato
    21. november 2022
  • Udløbsdato
    15. december 2022

Job beskrivelse

Pavillon de Verre is a Cocktailbar, Eatery & Bottleshop in Torvehallerne KBH in Copenhagen, we have a corner-stall, where we Serve, Cook & Create exeriences for our guests through Beverage, food & our products.

We believe in Flavour first before anything else, and seek to achive this focus through interaction and conversation with our guests.

We use extensive amounts of time on education and personal deveopment, through meetings and individual training session on a weekly basis. We ensure the enviroment and material are available for you to learn, but you are expected to put in your own time, to match the time we spend on you; Being self driven is absolutely crucial for success.

We seek a person that,

* Has a desire to learn new things
* A curious personality not afraid of asking why?
* Has a Passion for all kinds of beverages & food
* Has a Passion for Cocktals & Food, and their pairing
* Has a desire to understand the makings of good food & drinks
* Has an Openmind, open enough to consider alcohol free alternatives as equals to their alcoholic counter parts.
*Speaks fluent English, certification irrelevant.

We believe that the desire to learn, and willingness to apply ones self, ranks higher than any previous experience.

What we offer,
* A space to grow and develop, we are looking for long term employees
* Education on a fine dining level, in Spirits, Fortified Wine, Tea & Coffee
* The freedom the influence to affect how we run and do things on a day to day basis.
* Fixed weekly schedule, 1 month at a time at minimum
* Fixed Monthly Salary + Tips
* 4 days on, 3 days off schedule, can also be split to 2 on 2 off 2 on, 1 off.
* 36/2/2 contract, 36 hours service, 2 hours meetings & training, 2 hours paid break.
* Cost price on everything in our whole organisation for your and a single household member, such as spirits, food, cocktails and the such.

Salary rates as of November 2022

Trainee – 18.500 kr 
Defined as an individual that is scheduled together with others, and cannot hold their position unsoupervised.

Senior Trainee – 22.500 kr
Defined as an individual that can to a large degree hold their position, but not without minor to medium faults.

Bartender – 25.000 + 7.5% bonus kr.
Defined as a person that can handle foundational profeciency in all 3 major areas, Food, Cocktails & Floor Service.

Senior Bartender – 27.500 + 7.5% bonus kr.
Defined as a person that can handle above foundational profeciency in all 3 major areas, Food, Cocktails & Floor Service

Mangement / Responsebility – 30.000 + 7.5%+ kr.
Defined as an indivdual with an area of direct responsbility, including but not limited to, financial, and operational.



We would like to think that we offer a lot, but this also means we demand a lot, personality & attitude over qualifications always.

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